Wednesday, 4 July 2018

New Technologies for #Upstream Oil & Gas can Boost #Production Performance by up to 5%

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Oil and gas companies require access to right data at the right time to ensure full safety of their people and assets, while also getting more out of upstream production efforts. Integrating and synthesizing the multiple layers of data collected, therefore, is vital to making safe, productive and knowledgeable decisions.  
Learn how to do all this and more with Honeywell's Executive Guide to Digital Intelligence for Oil & Gas and discover a new level of performance and production improvements of up to 5%. 

Honeywell’s Digital Suites for Oil and Gas is a set of software suites that capture, manage and analyze the right production data to help producers make the right decisions at the right time. This combination of software and services can help oil and gas producers boost production performance by up to 5% while improving operational safety. The production improvements, which have been validated through user testing, are driven by a combination of better productivity, higher uptime and more efficient remote operations, and can produce a return on investment in as little as six months.

Digital Suites for Oil Gas are fully integrated, but each suite is also available separately, letting users address the specific issues they face. The six suites are:  
  • Operational Data
  • Process Safety
  • Production Surveillance
  • Equipment Effectiveness 
  • Production Excellence
  • Operational Performance 
A new common dashboard integrates information from each of the suite applications and provides a single, convenient launch environment. This helps save significant time and money for the projects and leads to a faster return on investment. Honeywell’s global consulting practice and project expertise ensures the right technology is implemented on time and on budget, helping avoid project risk and overruns.

Digital Suites for Oil and Gas improve efficiency in production and operational safety, while also enabling:   
  • Reduction in actual risk and compliance to regulations 
  • Higher uptime with fewer unplanned shutdowns and more reliable processing
  • Lesser production cost and higher oil recovery 
  • Faster incident correction and improved insight into operations and collaboration
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